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A) Two Posts (with at least one reply) created by you in either the network or logs community.
B) One post created by you, and five of your comments on a thread in a different post
C) Fifteen of your comments total with two different characters
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001- July mingle log. Fai goes on some rides with Wallace:

002- Gold feels cold with his Pokémon, Exbo. Even a fire type being cold? Definitely a curse:

003- Wallace meets a spirited young man:

004- Wallace shows Fai his Pokedex and how to work it:

005- Wallace meets Hilbert:

006- Wallace meets Fire Flower:

007- Wallace talks over the network regarding battles and cleaning:
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001- Wallace talks to Varric about where to socialise within Vatheon:

002- N talks about Meleotta to Wallace and the melody associated with it:

003- Wallace talking with Fai and the Summer Festival:

004- Wallace can't seem to get the jester hat off his head:
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Wallace stared closely at Selphie. He felt warm and fuzzy just lying on the sand next to her. What would they do next? He could already feel his arousal straining at his tight trunks. Would she want to make love? He'd never done that with a girl before, only Steven. At the moment, all he wanted to do was lay with her and kiss. It felt so good.

"So, what now?"
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Backtagging : Yes
Threadjacking/threadhopping : It's ok as long as it's in a thread that makes sense.
Fourthwalling : I'm ok with it but don't go overboard with it :P

Fighting : Of course. He loves a good battle.
Injuries : Pefectly fine as long as it isn't horrific or unmendable
Killing : I prefer not, thank you.
Telepathy/mind-reading : Yeah, that's fine.

Hugging : He will go with that.
Flirting : Flirting is fine. He's an extrovert.
Kissing and/or other intimate actions : He is fine with anything. Girls or boys.

Anything else you'd like to make known? Nope. Nothing I can think of
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[ Player Name ] : Seph
[ Personal DW ] : N/A
[ Age ] : 26
[ Timezone ] :  UK GMT
[ Other Characters ] : N/A

[ Character's Name ] : Wallace
[ Character's Age ] : Around 25
[ Series ] : Pokemon
[ Canon Point ] : During Emerald while Team Magma and Aqua are working on their bad stuff. Wallace is Champion and has taken over from Steven.

[ History ] :   Wallace (Japanese: ミクリ Mikuri) is a Master Water-type Trainer. He was once the Gym Leader of Sootopolis City's Gym, known officially as the Sootopolis Gym, in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, wielding the Rain Badge. He was promoted to Champion of the Elite Four in Emerald. He is apparently close to Steven Stone, and assists him in the Cave of Origin quest in Ruby/Sapphire. He was taught by Juan, who takes his place as Gym Leader in Emerald.

In Ruby and Sapphire, he runs Sootopolis City Gym where he gives out the Rain Badge as well as TM03 (Water Pulse). By the time of Emerald, Steven has left his post as Champion and Wallace challenges the league, becoming Champion himself, while his mentor, Juan, becomes Gym Leader. His Pokémon as Champion are also Water-type Pokémon.

[ Personality ] : Wallace is an outgoing individual. He is flamboyant and openly extrovert. He can be quite shy to certain subjects or have mood changes at the lightest of things. He enjoys being with others especially his Pokemon and new friends he may meet. He tends to talk poetically as this is how he is. An artist by nature he revels in nature and the flow of words connected with Pokemon battles or contests. Being the Champion, he can often boast about his ability or give others guidance on improving themselves. He doesn't act well to being told what to do. He loves the sea and anything related to it as water is his natural love. He has a deep friendship with ex-Champion, Steven Stone. Total opposites of one another, he found solace in having a friend like him.

He dresses in rather outward clothes, which give off his extrovert nature. Usually blues, deep purples and whites. All the colours of the ocean and it's plants. He is a very nature-loving man. He can't stand bullying or people abusing Pokemon. Team Magma and Aqua, he despises and wants to try and stop them along with everyone else.

[ Strengths/Weaknesses ] : He is apt at using water and grass type Pokemon. He is good at contest as he has the knack for artistic flair and likes to show off during such events. Flamboyancy is second nature to him. It can be useful but over confidence can bring him down sometimes. He has a strong partnership with his Milotec as it often works closely with him during battles or contests. Milotec puts up with anything Wallace goes with but if the man is wrong on a choice, his Pokemon would make it known. Sometimes, Milotec has to get him out of tricky situations if any arise.

[ Other Important Facts ] : He's the Champion of the Hoenn region and also judge at the Wallace Cup. The prize is the Aqua Ribbon, which he gives to whomever wins.

[ Sample ] :

- Suddenly, by the force of Vatheon, an over zealous npc, or even your character's friends playing a joke, your character suddenly finds themselves wearing clothes they otherwise would never wear. What do?

Wallace looked down at his clothes and gasped. He was wearing red? A red jumper which was knitted and fraying at the edges. His pants were made of knitted wool also. Who was this playing a game on him? He frowned and felt a deep blush come to his cheeks. Whoever did this would find out how angry he could get, when he wanted.

He turned to Milotec, who was watching close to him. Was that a smile on it's lips? He dismissed it and began walking to the nearest Poke Mart. Perhaps they'd have some new clothes he could fit into while he looked for his original clothes. He didn't even want to go looking for his old clothes in these....things. He sighed. The shame. "Milotec, you'd better not be laughing at me." He shot his Pokemon a warning glance. His azure eyes lit up with annoyance and embarrassment. He passed through some heavily dense woodland and hoped no one would comment on his clothes. How far was the next Poke Mart? He pulled out his Poke nav and frowned.

The next city was Slateport. Ah, he loved Slateport. The sea and the docks he loved to sit and watch the waves lap at the shore. Bad clothes or not, he was happy about returning there. Devon corp was where Steven's dad worked. He owned the company and Wallace and Steven were very good friends. "Ah, Slateport, Milotec. The wind and sea dance like a couple doing a dance. I love the sound of the sea." He mused as Slateport approached.

Wallace picked little bits of wool from his jumper as he stepped into Slateport city. Hiding his vision from anyone he dashed into the Pokemart as quickly as possible. He ordered a blue sweater with some Wingull on it and some turquoise pants. Perfect. Paying and taking his goods, he changed quickly in the changing room and headed back outside. Milotec was waiting for him with it's usual calm expression. Wallace sighed. "Thank goodness for modern convenience I say!"

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